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Tool Belt Articles

Tool Girl

So, you want to do it yourself, huh? Tackling home handiwork can be rewarding. It can also be frustrating, stressful and time-consuming. We asked two self-confessed DIY experts to tell us their top-10 tools. By Claire Halliday.

No Show Without Punch

A couple of nail punches in your kit or tool belt are a must if you're serious about doing reasonably good work. I usually have three of varying sizes in my leather pouch and while seldom punching down every nail in a job, I realise that the more nail more

Tuned In - Bob V Barney

BOB the Builder has stolen Barney's spotlight. The popular English construction worker, armed with his signature tool belt and hard hat, has hammered his way past the singing and dancing purple dinosaur and into the hearts of children around the world. While Barney's popularity has plummeted more

Below The Belt Humour Makes For An Ordinary Joe

Review Joe Somebody (PG) Director: John Pasquin Stars: Tim Allen, Jim Belushi, Julie Bowen, Patrick Warburton Rating: ?? FORMER television `Tool Man' Tim Allen previously worked with director John Pasquin on hit sitcom Home Improvement and Allen's enjoyable feature film debut, The Santa Clause.

Slow Times In The Tool Belt

This time last year, building contractor Mr Bill Shepherd couldn't get hold of tradesmen, there was so much work. Now they're everywhere, looking for a job.